Fashion inspired by movies

What was once seen as a threat against books is now an enormous part of culture: movies. With all the fuss about the Oscars recently – including the now-trending topic of Angelina Jolie’s leg, who has its own Twitter account (that’s right, @AngiesRightLeg) – I decided to look into the connection between movies and fashion. No, I will not tell you who was best dressed at the Academy Awards, nor about which actress does or does not have a stylist. This post is about how movies directly and literally influence the audience.

On one hand, we have the subtle fans: they take from their favorite movies and adapt to their time and location.¬† After all, it’s the way Wayfarers were re-brought to fame in the 80s, after a two decade low: sported in a couple of movies, liked by the audience, sold by the thousands. On the other hand, we have those who just like to show off their love, by wearing memorabilia in their daily lives.

Blues Brothers Shades, inspired by the namesake movie

In 1980, The Blues Brothers was released. What appeared to be a regular musical/comedy turned into one of the iconic films of the decade. The all-black look, with dark, square, full rim sunglasses and matching hats was copied by the fans, and was later referenced in other movies, such as Reservoir Dogs, or the less successful sequel Blues Brothers 2000.

The Breakfast Club T-shirt, inspired by the namesake movie

1985 was the year of The Breakfast Club. Five stereotypical teens meet in detention and hit it off. Why would such a movie gather such a large number of fans? It’s simple: teenagers will find themselves in one character or another, even if just partially. When you can identify yourself with a character, than the role of a movie has been accomplished: you will live and feel with them until THE END. And since you’re that similar, why not wear¬†their dress style?

Batman T-shirt, inspired by the namesake movie and comics

Now, with Batman, the story is a bit different. The movies – 7 in number at the present hour – were inspired by a 1939 released comic, so there is a lot of history there. Out of the bunch, Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 was probably the most successful, becoming the top-grossing film of the year. In 2008, The Dark Knight managed to set another record, that of highest grossing opening weekend in the U.S. While capes are a bit difficult to pull off by us, adults and non-Gwyneth Paltrows, T-shirts, bags and deco pieces with Batman’s face are part of our everyday life.

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