Roses are red etc.

When you click open, you’re surprised by the minimal approach of the clothing label. The homepage is more of a table, with click-able categories. The brand’s own description is very brief, too: settled in 1989, in Belgium, as a men’s clothing line, to which a women’s line was added in 1998 and another for kids in 2002. We would expect a collection from Bellerose to be just as simple. But, while the clothes in their spring-summer collection are basic, they’re also fun and fresh.

With the aid of the most basic, classic and overused props in the world, chairs and flowers, Bellerose manages to create this interesting look book that does anything but bore. It’s actually dynamic, exciting, and it leaves you wanting more. Inspiration comes from “vintage garments and genuine work-wear”, as the brand puts it. This brings on utilitarian pieces, which don’t go out of style in a blink of an eye.

The styles in this spring-summer collection are super casual, easy to wear with other Bellerose items, but also easy to integrate in one’s own wardrobe. Some of the things that caught my eye in the women’s section are the masculine brogues, that gorgeous lace dress worn with a military jacket and sneakers, a striped maxi dress, layered polka dot pieces, the green knee length skirt and the red shorts. As for the men, there are plenty of interesting pieces for them, too: the neon yellow long sleeve, the nautical look of stripes and white pants orĀ  brick orange pants. I’d say such outfits are not for everyone, and you have to be a bit bold to wear them – but I know you, Pixics fans, can handle your fashion risks and experiments.

And speaking of experiments, I love most of the combos in this look book. The mixture of sporty, casual, preppy, retro and even geek is quite amazing. They will mix graphic tees with blazers, sequins with cotton, and sneakers with lace. While such combos are not necessarily out of the ordinary in today’s world, they still remain a breath of fresh air and something that we’d like to see more of.

So stripes, plaid, polka dots, full colors – Belgian brand Bellerose takes them all and mixes them to perfection on their cargo pants, blazers, button down shirts or dresses. I think they’re pretty much ready for the new season!

What’s your favorite look in the collection?

All images from Bellerose’s Facebook page.

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2 Responses to Roses are red etc.

  1. Izzy says:

    Loving the creative use of the chairs as props! especially the “floating” ones haha.