What’s your hobby?

We’re all living busy lives, whether it’s school or a job that takes over most of our time. Besides our main occupation, we also have to spare some time for family, friends and perhaps a significant other. And then there’s that little time that you can save for yourself, and what you love to do. Maybe you’re a crafting genius, a photography master or an avid reader. And even if you don’t do any of those things professionally, the point is to enjoy the actual activity, the process.

So here’s a fun thing to do: wear your hobby. You will be more likely to find the time for your favorite activity if you wear a reminder of it around your neck or wrist. Show the world that you like to listen to music or even create your own songs. Show them that you take ballroom dancing or that you have the best garden on the block. And here are some ideas on how to do just that:

The photographer

Charm necklace; Nikon buttons; Necklace; Key chain; ID luggage tag; Backpack; T-shirt; Ring;

Why not show your camera some love? There are so many ways to “wear this hobby”: printed on a T-shirt, on a bag or backpack, and – of course – in the form of charm jewelry: necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings etc. Not to be Miss Captain Obvious here, but it’s recommended that you don’t wear more such pieces at the same time – while a camera necklace can be super cute on its own, it might start looking obsessive once you pair it with a camera tee, camera printed shorts and lots of camera accessories. You want to show that you like to shoot, not look like a poser.

The reader

Romeo & Juliet clutch; Charm necklace; To Kill a Mockingbird pendant; Tote bag; Bracelet; Locket necklace; Stephen King purse; The Sun Also Rises T-shirt;

The two most popular ways to “wear books” are as handbags or charm necklaces. The fun part is that you can DIY a clutch from an old book (here are some awesome ideas), or even a miniature book to wear on a chain (check out this tutorial for inspiration). It might also be a good idea to print or paint your favorite book-related quote on a tote or on a T-shirt – this way, it’ll have more of your personality.

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