These Two Lovers Are So Close Yet So Far February 08, 2016 16:16 6 Comments

Long Distance Relationship

When two couples were figuring out how to cope being in a long distance relationship, they came up with a wonderful project. They took photos from their separate locations and spliced them together with amazing results.

Most Emotional Game You'll Ever Play February 04, 2016 23:45 4 Comments

That Dragon, Cancer

'That Dragon, Cancer' is an independent game that tells a very serious story of parents that are caring for a sick child. Although only a few hours long, reviewers have remarked that it's left a lasting impression.

Landscapes of Vietnam Captures The Imagination January 30, 2016 16:05 5 Comments

Vietname Mountain Horizon

The landscapes of Vietnam is a photo series taken by Rèhahn, and it depicts beautiful sceneries that most travelers rarely see. The images and colors from the photographs are breathtaking to say the least.

These Kids Can Sing, And We Have The Goosebumps To Prove It January 27, 2016 15:26 10 Comments

Celine Tam and Jeffrey Lam Singing You Raise Me Up

Jeffrey Li and Celine Tam are two contestants on the Chinese singing show called 'Let's Sing Kids', and their duet has us blown away. Watch these child prodigies sing better than most adults, it's quite amazing.

Get The Party Started With Some Turntable Plates January 23, 2016 11:28 5 Comments

Dinner DJ Dining Set

Picky eaters are common, and a solution is to turn dinner time into a fun experience with this Dinner DJ Dining Set. I introduced this to my son a few weeks ago, and his imagination just explodes which is always fun to watch.

A Dash Of Matcha In Your Yogurt For A Hearty Breakfast January 21, 2016 11:01 5 Comments

Matcha Breakfast Yogurt

Matcha powder is quickly known world wide as a great superfood to add to meals and drinks. And because breakfast is the first thing we eat to get are morning supercharged, why not add a bit of matcha to your yogurt with some fruits.

Ever Wonder What 2015 Sounds Like? January 15, 2016 15:37 12 Comments

50 Shades of Pop2015 was a year with amazing pop hits and a DJ that goes by the moniker of Earworm has compiled 50 of them into one amazing track. If you were ever curious what 2015 would sound like, then listen to '50 Shades of Pop'. The song is toe tapping good.

Have a Roaring Good Time With The T-Rex Chopsticks January 13, 2016 13:05 12 Comments

T-Rex Chopsticks

Most American cannot use chopsticks effectively, and most Japanese do not hold chopsticks properly. Without proper knowledge, how can the next generation learn the art of eating with chopsticks. The answer is simple, and could possibly include a fierce dinosaur.

Hello Kitty Is The Best Thing To Happen To School Cafeteria's January 09, 2016 00:24 11 Comments

Hello Kitty Cafeteria

School cafeterias can be a very mundane experience, so to think that an educational institution decided to turn theirs into a Hello Kitty theme is jaw dropping. The color palette alone is reminiscent of a bag of skittles.

Rilakkuma T-Shirt Giveaway January 05, 2016 16:24 72 Comments

Rilakkuma T-Shirt Giveaway

Being one of the most popular characters in Japan, we just had to do a Rilakkuma T-Shirt Giveaway. Simply let us know what is your favorite t-shirt design plus follow our social media channels for more entries. Good Luck!

Bunnies In A Cup ... So Cute It Hurts December 23, 2015 09:17 5 Comments

Bunnies In A Cup

If you ever had the feeling of seeing something cute and wanting to squeeze the living daylights out of it, well you're not alone. Apparently the term is called 'cute aggression', and it's exactly what we are experiencing this moment with these white bunnies in a cup.

Why This Spray Can Is The Best Kept Secret For Amazing Photos December 22, 2015 09:40 2 Comments

Atmosphere Aerosol Spray Outdoors

For anyone who is a photographer, they know that great lighting is essential for a great photo. A lot of the times it’s purely the luck of the draw to get amazing atmosphere, but now it can come with you wherever you go with a spray of a can.

Chocolate Slices May Be The Greatest Product Known To Man December 21, 2015 08:07 3 Comments

Chocolate Slices On A Roll and Pancake

A Japanese company creates Kraft Singles inspired chocolate slices, and it could revolutionize the way people make desserts. With the popularity of Nutella around the world, it wouldn't be surprising to see the chocolate slices be a staple of everyones kitchen.

A Reminder That Kids Are Born To Hate Santa December 16, 2015 12:24 6 Comments

Terrified of Santa

Although Santa is supposed to spark the dreams and imagination of children worldwide, that's not always the case. For many kids Santa is a nightmarish figure that haunts the very essence of their souls.

Veg Out With Some Vegetarian Ramen December 11, 2015 22:11 10 Comments

Vegetarian Ramen

If  you are a fan of Ramen, you already know the best part is the large variety of flavors. So for all the health enthusiasts, you will appreciate this Vegetarian Recipe from ‘Just One Cookbook’.

Why Watching This Longboard Dance Is So Mesmerizing December 08, 2015 09:59 7 Comments

Korean Longboard Dancer

Hyo Joo Ko, a South Korean skateboarder shows us some tricks of a different kind. She performs graceful dance moves while gliding along on a longboard.

Psy Releases Two New Single's And It Made My Week December 03, 2015 15:03 8 Comments

Psy Daddy and Napal Baji

Psy, from Gangnam Style fame, drops 2 new singles along with the release of his 7th album. They're getting a lot of buzz online and looks to be going viral with one of the singles having over 22 million views in 3 days.

Swallows And Lace Necklace November 30, 2015 09:28 11 Comments

Swallow and Lace Bib Necklace

For travelers on a long journey, the swallow is a symbol of safe passage. Even if you aren't the superstitious type, it's still quite charming to wear items that have these cute little birds on them. Our newest item is the Swallow and Lace Bib Necklace, and they are very lovely.

Amazing Star Wars Snow Sculpture Unleashes the Dark Side November 24, 2015 16:18 6 Comments

Star Wars Snow Sculpture

A massive Star Wars Snow Sculpture was built in Japan that looks absolutely jaw dropping. The annual festival which draws over 2 million people will be featuring this amazing piece of art.

Teacupcake Giveaway November 21, 2015 09:32 6 Comments

Tea Cupcake Silicone Mold Giveaway

When tea and cupcakes join forces you get the Tea Cupcake Silicone  Baking Mold. We are hosting another giveaway and partnering with a few bloggers so that one lucky winner will get to eat the fanciest cupcake alive.

Calling All Gamers, You Can Now Feast At The New Capcom Café November 19, 2015 12:00 5 Comments

Capcom Cafe

Japan is known worldwide for their interesting and unusual café’s, but the latest one is themed after Capcom video games. For anyone who is a fan of video games, and loves cute foods then this will be the place to visit.

Building a House Ikea Style November 18, 2015 10:22 3 Comments


Building a house has always been a large project involving a team of people working hard for a few months. So a group of designers are trying to making building a house as simple as building Ikea furniture, and their project is called Wikihouse. By pooling talents from all over the world, and having them contribute their time to this greater good, they are hoping that future homes will be built with less time and less money.

Unleash The Samurice Inside Of You November 11, 2015 20:23 4 Comments

Samurice Popsicle Mold

Our last and final mold that we have featured in the last couple of months is here. The Samurice Popsicle Mold is a fun way for  your kids to cool down and enjoy a tasty treat.

Another Egg Post But It's Soo Worth It November 06, 2015 11:11 6 Comments

Eggs in Cloud

There are so many ways an egg can be prepared, which makes it the most hackable food there is. The Eggs in Cloud ups the game for egg lovers, and could possibly be the coolest food there is.