How To Tell You Were Raised in an Asian American Household

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Asian American Household

A fun little short released by the Buzzfeed Yellow team titled '6 Signs You Grew Up In An Asian Household' has been making its viral rounds on social media recently. If you are Asian, East Asian specifically, then you either do some of these 6 things, or know someone who has done them. And just in case you are curious, the Yellow in 'Buzzfeed Yellow' is not referring to skin color, it just happens to be one of the video teams at Buzzfeed.

Shoes all over the entryway

 Entryway Shoes

Unless water is boiling, the A/C never gets used

Asian Fan 

Empty containers are always repurposed

Reused Containers 

Keep electronics in pristine condition by covering them in saran wrap

 Saran Remote

Dishwasher is only used to store dishes

 Dishes in Dishwasher

Never throw away good plastic bags

 Plastic Bags in Drawer

Watch the buzzfeed video


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