Her Daughter Was Too Quiet, And This is Why.

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Although the theory to always keep an eye on your child is good advice, but in practice it's a little hard to do. During those moments when you are not around your child, parents should try to be aware of what they are up to. 

On July 9th in Aurora Colorado, Victoria Farmer and her husband were painting their home, and getting it ready to put on the market. That morning, Victoria was taking a quick break from painting, and left her two year old daughter, Anistyn, in the living room alone.

While nursing Anistyns younger brother, Victoria had an odd feeling that her daughter was too quiet. When she went to check on her, this is what she found...

Anistyn in Paint

Victoria had trouble closing the lid of the paint bucket just moments earlier, and so left it slightly ajar not thinking twice that Anistyn would open it. That assumption was a mistake, because Anistyn removed the lid and dunked her whole body into the bucket.

When Victoria had discovered what had been done, she immediately called her sister to come help wash the paint off of Anistyn. But before washing her off, Victoria needed to document the event and place it on Facebook. Little did she know that her photo would go viral, and the whole internet would be talking about it.

Victoria Farmer From Colorado

According to Victoria, Anistyn has always been a mess maker. She had dug up flower beds and loves to pull out everything in closets. Victoria wanted to let us know that although mothers give the appearance of perfection, behind closed doors nothing is perfect.


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