Little Girl Explains Why Japanese Bathrooms Are The Best July 19, 2015 09:50

Aiko is a Canadian/Japanese girl who immigrated to Japan when she was 7 years old. Her experiences in Japan lead her to create a Youtube account which currently has over 22,000 subscribers and growing. Her videos are about her daily life in Japan, and it's great for people who love the Japanese culture. 

In the following video Aiko describes the 12 reasons why the Japanese Bathrooms are the Best, and she is probably correct. Japanese bathrooms are technically more advanced, they save space and they are designed to conserve water. So what is so great about Japanese Bathrooms anyways.

1. To save space, multiple people can use the bathroom simultaneously

Japanese Tub

2. Sinks are designed for more than just hands

Japanese Sink

3. Baths are taken while sitting

Japanese Shower

4. The shower wand is very versatile

Japanese Shower Wand

5. Kaboom powder cleans stored bathtub water

Kaboom Powder

6. A control panel pre heats bathtub water

Japanese Bath Temperature Control

7. There is a emergency button to call for help

Japanese Bathroom Emergency Button

8. There is also a button to call for service

Japanese Bathroom Service Button

9. You can remotely control the bathroom from the kitchen

Japanese Bathroom Remote Control

10. Bathtub water is reusable

Japanese Bathroom

11. Bathtub water is also used to wash clothes

Japanese Washing Machine

12. Clothes is hung and dried in the bathroom

Japanese Clothes Dryer

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