She Repurposed Her Soda Cans, And The Results Are Super Adorable

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Coke Herb Planters

For all you Diet Coke addicts out there. Instead of tossing those used cans in the garbage, there is a cute way you can repurpose them and bring new life. The What's Up Mom Youtube Channel have devised 3 DIY Hacks for those old cans, and the results are amazingly adorable.

Empty Personalized Diet Coke or Coke Cans
Can Opener
Sticker Labels
Spray Paint of Various Colors
Metal Hole Punch
Glue Gun
Paper Wrap Floral Wire
Painters Tape

Herb Pots

Can Opener with Coke Cans

Use the can opener to open up the lids to all your empty cans.

Spray Paint Coke Cans

With the spray paint, paint each can with various colors. Give them about 3 to 4 coats of paint and let them dry for 1 minute between applications.

Label Coke Cans

Apply labels on each cans and now they are ready to put potting soil and herbs.

Silverware Caddy

Hole Punch Coke Cans

Use 6 cans, and open up the tops for every one of them. You need to use the metal hole punch to punch a hole near the top of 4 of the cans.

Glue Coke Cans

Apply a bead of glue to stick all 6 cans to each other using a glue gun. Make sure the cans with the holes are placed on the far end of each other, and have the holes face each other.

Thread Coke Cans

Thread in a paper wrap floral wire into the holes to create a handle.

Coke Can Caddy

Now you can place silverware into your new caddy. 

Personalized Candle Holders 

Tape Coke Cans

Use the personalized Coke cans, and cut open the top of each can. Place painters tape over the names of each cans.

Gold Spray Paint on Coke Cans

Spray paint the can any color you desire following the instructions for the Herb Pots.

Coke Can Candle Holders

Remove the painters tape, and place a candle inside the can. You now have a beautiful personalized candle holder.

Watch the full video tutorial.


  • Such a great idea. I have bought some of the above plants… maybe I copy that ;)

    The first photo in my post is from WAS hotel/Athens/Plaka
    and the second is from all day bar/resto ’’Ark’’ at Glyfada (South Athens)

    Beauty Follower on

  • We need to try this! They turned out so cute. They would make perfect little pots for succulents too

    M + K

    M + K on

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