A Guy Asks Girls Out The 'Traditional' Way, Find Out How They React

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We live in a world where in-person interactions are no longer necessary to meet new people. Mobile apps such as Tinder, and various other website, have eliminated the need to approach one another in public.

Samuel Abrahams is a Chelsea College of Arts graduate from Walthamstow and a Bafta nominated Film-maker, with his actor friend Tom Greaves, to set out on a social experiment all across London. They want to figure out how women would react when being approached to go on a date the traditional way.

Tom courageously scours locations such as London Fields and Columbia Road Flower Market to ask women out. A few agree, but a vast majority are not impressed with what he has to offer.

The result of this two and a half week experiment was a short film titled ‘Offline Dating’. Prior to filming, Tom had became single, and like many, downloaded a dating app on his phone. This sparked the idea of comparing dating online with real life interactions. According to Samuel, “That night, the idea of making a part documentary, part social experiment, exploring what we had been talking about, hit me.”

Girl Lick Cigarette

Tom was the most likely candidate for the experiment because he is charming, likable and kind of easy on the eyes. So they both agreed that he would have the best chance of success.

So throughout the film you see Tom get rejected by a ton of women, and the interactions make the film enjoyable. But you also see Tom go through some successes as well, which reminds us that there is still credibility in doing things the old fashioned way.

Find out more about ‘Offline Dating’ on their Facebook page, and watch the film.

OFFLINE DATING from Samuel Abrahams on Vimeo.

Last weekend my single friend Tom challenged himself to find his next date - OFFLINE.
Facebook - www.facebook.com/offlinedatingfilm

a film by Samuel Abrahams


Featuring Tom Greaves
Directed by Samuel Abrahams
Produced by Joshua Smith & Samuel Abrahams 
Shot by Samuel Abrahams
Edited by Chris McKay 
Music by Wilderthorn
Titles by Lewis Kyle White
Graded by Steffan Perry
Sound by Jonny Platt
Assistant Producers Tom Gilfillan & David O'Neill
Planning by Freddie Eaves

Thanks to... Harry Barber, Honey Ribs, All the Ninja’s @ 52, Blink, Cut & Run, Wave, Framestore.

And a special thank you to all the lovely people we met!

Filmed in Hackney, London, 2015
copyright Samuel Abrahams  


  • @Jeanette I thought it was an interesting social experiment

    Jenny Kim on

  • This is such a great post, and that video gave me hope for people remembering how to be humans with each other. Thank you for writing this.

    Jeanette on

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