He Finally Proposed To His Girlfriend, And It Was The Best I've Ever Seen July 29, 2015 06:27 3 Comments

Soo-jung Surprised

In Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China, there is a tradition called 'White Day' which is celebrated on March 14th. White Day was started by the National Confectionary Industry in Japan to be an answer to Valentines Day. In Asia Valentines Day is celebrated when the women gives a gift of chocolate to the boy or man she likes. On White Day, which coincidentally falls exactly one month after Valentines, the man would reciprocate by giving a gift back to the women.

This lesson on culture brings us to a man and his girlfriend (Soo-jung), at a small cafe in South Korea on White Day. Unaware of what her boyfriend has in store, Soo-jung sits quietly  at her table as the man exits the room.

Post-it Proposal

Moments later he calls her cellphone, and tells her to pay attention to the building adjacent to the cafe. Lights fill the office complex and an army of people are diligently working at creating a mosaic of post-it notes onto the windows. A pixel perfect message unfolds, and it simply states "Please Marry Me", in Korean.

This wonderful proposal involved 300 people to achieve, and it was the brainchild of a marketing agency, Innored, as a campaign for Post-It Notes (3M). This may be the best proposal ever devised because the day the video went online it garnered over 3.4 million views on Youtube and 20,000 likes on a single day. I hope Soo-jung and her new fiancé are doing well, because she truly is a lucky girl.

Watch the video, and be amazed.