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Cat Donuts

When it comes to cute and adorable, Japan is definitely a market leader in that field. Nestled at the western part of Tokyo in the Suginami District, the Floresta Nature Doughnut Company offers donuts of a different kind. They call them animal donuts, which are decorated with frosting to look like various types of animals.

Animal Donuts

The animal donuts can be shaped into tigers, rabbits, seals and the crowd pleasing cats. The popularity of these animal donuts has been astonishing for the company since it's opening in 2002 by a husband and wife team.

But it wasn't the owners that first developed the undeniably cute concept. A former employee by the name of Ikumi Nakao was the creator, and now has opened up her own shop called Ikumi Mama that only specializes in animal donuts.

Floresta Nature Donuts

Going back to their inception, the core mission of Floresta Nature Doughnut's has always been to provide healthy donuts that are locally sourced and environmentally friendly. Take one bite and you will be convinced that the donuts are healthier. Floresta donuts contain less sugar and fat than a typical donut, but at 200 calories you will still need to resist the urge to eat a whole box in one sitting.

Another novelty of Floresta is that they do not mass produce their donuts, but make small batches daily. They will always have the basic donuts on sale, but the animal donuts are constantly rotated throughout the month. To help customers, they have created a monthly calendar that shows which animals will be featured on which days.

Onlookers can enjoy the creation of these donuts through a special viewing window. Plus Floresta has cookies, drinks and their signature nature ice cream.

Next time you are in Japan, check them out and watch the video to find out more.



  • @Claire, Next time I’m in Japan I’ll need to get one. I wish they made them where I live.

    Jenny Kim on

  • Cutest ever!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

    Claire on

  • @Shannon, Japanese people have the market cornered when it comes to cute.

    Jenny Kim on

  • These are just the cutest! Cute and delicious-looking!

    Shannon @ Oh Creative Day on

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