Photo Journal 1: Orange County Fair 2015

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Orange County Fair 2015 Collage

The Orange County Fair is an annual event here in Southern California that is much anticipated. I go to the Fair because they have amazing shows such as the Chinese Acrobats, and the Hypnotist. It's also a great place to check out the vendors with their fancy new gadgets that promise to clean your floors with little to no effort, or see some works from local artists.

We did all the cliché fair activities like eating fried foods, going on rickety carnival rides and playing some impossible to win games. So even though I was hot and sticky, which translates to being miserable, my son had a great time and that's what matters. If only they could move the fair into late fall or early winter, then it would be perfect.

Barn Facade Pose and Fiberglass Cow
Centennial Farms is a 3 acre farm on the Orange County Fairgrounds with a mission to educate youths about agriculture. We were supposed to see a milking demonstration, but Dylan couldn't stand the smell. So instead we went outside and struck a cute pose.

Carnival Fair Rides
Even though the rides were expensive, you really can't put a price on that cute face.

Good to Goa Necklace
Posing for the camera with our Good to Goa Necklace, and It looked great with my Anthropology belt.

Centennial Farms Garden and No Vaping
I love visiting the gardens of Centennial Farms, it's definitely a great inspiration for my own garden. I discovered that Vaping is no longer allowed at the Fair Grounds. I wonder how long before Vaping gets included into the Oxford dictionary.

Canned Haminal
We were at the farm, so I just had to take the opportunity to capture our Canned Haminal Plush Toy in it's natural environment. 

Kenyan Acrobat
I initially confused these performers as being Jamaican, but they were actually Kenyan. One thing that I am sure of is that they really know how to limbo.

OC Fair 2015 Decoration
The reason why I love the OC Fair so much is that they go above and beyond on the decor. I find inspiration in every nook and cranny of this place.

Spicy Hot Dog
This is the first time I had a hot dog that was as long as my forearm, and they did not skimp out on the sausage. It was spicy, juicy and delicious.

Merry Go Round
Hope you enjoyed our first photo journal.


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