Are You Kidding Me? There's A Cat On A Japanese News Show

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Shukan News Shinsho

The "Shukan News Shinsho", loosely translated as Weekly News Digest, is a show that invites a panel of experts to discuss important topics affecting Japan. Topics can range from politics to terrorism and everything in between. The issues discussed is no laughing matter, but wait, why is there a cat on set?


Introducing Maago, a friendly feline that has been the shows mascot since the launch in 2008. Maago is an American Short Hair that pretty much lounges around just being a cat. Not only is he great at releasing the tension during really heavy topics, but he draws the users attention when things get a bit stale.

Maago Memorial

Sadly Maago passed away last October, and there was a national day of mourning with over 500 Tokyo TV staff attending his memorial.


Well don't be too down, because there's a new cat in town and she's leaping into the hearts of every man, women and child.

Nyaanya Looking for Attention

The new feline is named Nyaanya, a 4 month old rescue found near a factory dumpster. While Maago is happy to just lay down and relax, Nyaanya is full of energy and bouncing around all over the place. Whenever a guest is speaking, Nyaanya will rush over to them and get their attention. She really is a cute little thing.

Nyaanya Close Up

Nyaanya Chewing

So as the popular consensus goes, "Everything is better with Cats!" If you want to find out more about Nyaanya go visit the Shukan New Shinsho Youtube page.


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