Photo Journal 2: Little Prince Café September 30, 2015 16:05 3 Comments

Kids Cafe Little Prince

I can't speak for all parents, but taking my child out to eat can be a nail biting experience. I'll just go ahead and list the obstacles we encounter on a typical meal.

  1. My son can't sit still for more than 5 minutes, so I'm constantly trying to entertain him.
  2. Having an adult conversation that lasts more than 2 minutes is nearly impossible
  3. I barely touch my food because I have to be vigilante on making sure my son eats. 

So we headed over to the Little Prince Café so I could finally experience what it was like to enjoy a meal before I became a mom.

The Little Prince Café is a restaurant/playroom located in Buena Park California that servers korean fusion dishes. The entrance fee per child is $8, and every adult needs to order a meal. The place is divided into two section, a restaurant on one side and a play zone on the other. The play zone has a jungle gym, ball pit, library, and an area designated for infants.

My first impression walking in is that the overall décor was very pleasant and cute, but I was overwhelmed instantly by the screaming kids. The restaurant was definitely showing signs of wear and tear from the years of kids tearing up the place. I could only imagine what Little Prince looked like in it's glory days.

Because the Café is essentially just a playroom, I didn't mind the noise and chaos. What I did find upsetting is that the food is overpriced, and it takes them a very long time to serve the meal. I ordered the fries, pizza and macaroni cheese which tasted like food I could have made from home. Chuck-e-Cheese has better tasting food than this place. Why not hire a competent chef if you're going to charge us the equivalent of a Cheese Cake Factory?

The only saving grace is that me and my husband could finally eat a meal and enjoy each others company while our rugrat runs amok. I probably will never come back, but having some 'us' time was a good change of pace. Here are some photos from our evening out.

Cafe Little Prince Entrance

Cafe Little Prince Play Zone

Cafe Litte Prince Jungle Gym

Cafe Little Prince Dessert Sign

Cafe Little Prince Sweet Potato Fries