Yummy Scotch BBQ Eggs

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Scotch BBQ Eggs

When planning for a picnic, it's always great to have a little treat inside that everyone will be amazed at. It might not be that common here in the states, but over the pond in the U.K. they traditionally bring some Scotch Eggs to these outings.

If you've never heard of a Scotch Egg, it's basically an egg wrapped in sausage. It's been rumored to have originated in a London Department store in 1738, and was inspired by an Indian dish called the Narcissi Koft roughly translated as Narcissus Meatballs. 

If you want to try some Scotch Eggs, British style pubs usually have them on the menu. But there is also the option to create your own, and it's not only easy, but very delicious. In the following recipe, we take the classic Scotch Egg, and add a modern twist with some bacon and BBQ Sauce. 

BBQ Grill
Basting Brush
BBQ Tongs

Salsiccia Sausage
3 Bacon Strips
BBQ Sauce


Boil Eggs

1. Put water into a pot and add some eggs when the water comes to a full boil. Boil the eggs for 4 minutes.

Cool Off Boiled Eggs

2. Remove the eggs, and place them in ice cold water, then place in the refrigerator for another 4 minutes.

Peel Egg Shell

3. The egg should now be soft boiled, so proceed to peel the shell, but be gentle when you do it.

Peel Skin off of Sausages

4. Peel the skin off some fresh Salsiccia Sausages

Mash Sausage into Patty

5. Mash two of the sausages together until you have a patty shape.

Wrap Egg in Sausage Patty

6. Wrap the sausage patty around an egg until the egg is fully covered. Make sure to wet your fingers to make this step much easier.

Wrap Scotch Egg in Bacon

7. Now fully cover the sausage covered egg with 3 strips of bacon.

Spread BBQ Sauce on Scotch Egg

8. Preheat a grill, and place the scotch egg on the grill for about 25 minutes. Add BBQ Sauce to the eggs with a basting brush while you are grilling and you are done. Remove the eggs with a BBQ Tong and enjoy some delicious scotch bbq eggs.

This recipe is the creation of John and Julian aka The Sizzle Brothers. They have been running a BBQ Grill Blog since 2015 and are from Hannover Germany. Besides their interests in grilling they are also avid fisherman.

Watch the full video tutorial.


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