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Easy Chalkboard Writing

Artsy chalkboard signs used to be the domain of coffee shops or Trader Joe's for many decades. But today, these whimsical signs are spreading into wedding decors and beyond. It may feel daunting to create your own chalkboard masterpiece, especially if you lack the proper hand-eye coordination. The reality is that chalkboard signs are quite simple to create, and all you need is to print out a design that you want to use, and a few extra supplies.

Traceable Design
Chalk Paint Pen


Graphite On Back of Paper

1. Spread Graphite all over the back of your traceable paper.

Tape Paper to Chalkboard

2. tape the design onto your chalkboard.

Trace Design on Chalkboard

3. trace on top of your design with a pen or pencil, and press down hard so the graphite will adhere to the chalkboard.

Graphite Outline on Chalkboard

4. Remove the traced design and you will now have a graphite outline.

Chalkboard Marker

5. Finally fill in the outlines with a chalkboard marker.

Watch the Buzzfeed video to see how it's done in action.

The Genius Trick For Fancy Chalkboard Writing

Ever wondered how to get Pinterest-perfect chalkboard writing? A graphite stick is your secret weapon.

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