Wife Goes Blind And Husband's Greatest Act Of Love

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Blind Devotion Short Film

"In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, till death do us part", the famous words uttered by millions of brides and grooms before they are to be wed. Marriage can be a true challenge, and also an absolute test in the couples resolve to be faithful and true. But how far would you go for the person you love? A short film created by life long friends, Jason, Eddie, and Eric, explores this topic in their short film 'Blind Devotion'.

Cecelia is a devoted wife who finds pleasure in cooking and taking care of her husband Louie. They both live the typical life of young professionals living in the city, and their love for each other is obvious. Life for them seems happy until Cecelia is stricken with a rare illness that will throw their world into a tailspin. But when given lemons they decide to make lemonade, and thrive in their new normal. Watch the short to find out how to really love one another unconditionally, and bring some box of tissues while you're at it.

Blind Devotion involved a partnership with Pastor Francis Chan and the Jubilee Project to point a light at what true love in marriage can really be. This film is the second in a series about unconditional love. Pastor Francis has also co-authored a book with his wife Lisa titled "You and Me Forever", about answering questions many couples have at the alter. The book delves into scripture to provide the answers.

The Jubilee Project was created by Jason, Eddie, and Eric to showcase films that will empower and inspire change to make the world a better place. After the Haiti Earthquake in 2010 the three friends produced a film that helped raise over $700 for the relief effort. This encouraged them to start the Jubilee Project and spread change to the world one video at a time.

To find out more about the Jubilee Project visit their website. They currently have over 100 videos that will be sure to uplift.


  • @Denise, As long as you aren’t an emotional person, I’m sure you can survive a few days without crying. Hopefully your eye gets better.

    Jenny Kim on

  • I liked the jubilee Project very much, everything that is made to bring relief and joy to people’s lives is great! Helping each other is really important, helping many people is even better! I have to confess that I can’t watch the video, I knew it would be teary and you confirmed it. I can’t cry today because I went to the eye doctor yesterday and I am using some medicine… and although I wasn’t advised not to cry, I suppose it won’t be good :) But I liked to read about the Jubilee Project! I am sure that the couple share a love beyond words! Love really makes the world better!

    Denise on

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