A 10 Minute Workout For A Nicer Booty

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Butt Workout

Modern life has caused people to be sedentary in their daily routine. Many jobs these days involve hours in front of the computer with little to no activity, and it has had a negative impact on our health. One outcome of all this sitting around is that many women suffer from a condition called "Pancake Butt", which is caused by the lack of muscle tone. A condition that could easily be reversed with the proper fitness regimen.

The largest muscle in our bodies is the gluteus, comprised of the gluteus minimus, medius and maximus. It is responsible for extending the hips, rotating and swinging the legs, and moving the pelvis. In fact most the power from the lower body is directly correlated to how strong the gluteus are.

It does come as a surprise that many women focus mainly on being thin without any thought to the shape of their bodies. No matter what culture you're from the hip-to-waist ratio determines the attractiveness of the body. Achieving a good ratio can only be gained from working out the butt through movements such as squats, lunges and sprints.

A stronger butt is also responsible for reducing pains in the hip, lower back, and knees. Once you lose the strength in the backside, other muscles must overcompensate to provide balance in our lower body. You can also achieve greater athletic performance and reduce serious injuries.

Also, this has not been proven as a cause, but there seems to be a correlation between having a toned butt and having a regular menstrual and ovulation cycle. So for those couples trying to have a baby, this is an important reason than any to start doing those squats.

So it's clear that there are physical, sexual, and mental benefits for having a nice butt. It's also understood that no one needs to be sold on wanting a better butt, so the question is how can you achieve it with such a busy schedule? Well apparently 10 minutes a day is all you need to reach this goal.

Head over to Popsugar's fitness coach Anna Renderer, who has created a short little video that will get you back in shape and sculpting your backside in no-time.

Anna Renderer's long resume includes being a certified personal trainer with many certificates to her name. She is also the CEO of KFit Health with  a mission to educate children and parents to be healthier through proper nutrition and fitness. Not only has she performed in countless fitness DVD's, but in 2008 she developed 'SHED IT NOW' a personal training and online fitness education program. Anna Continues to be an inspiration for millions of people who want to look and feel great.


  • @Natalia, It is hard, but I find that doing a lot of small exercises throughout the day keeps you on track and motivated. It becomes a good habit.

    Jenny Kim on

  • Seems like a good workout! I love keeping myself active and motivated, but it’s definitely hard sometimes


    Natalia on

  • @Denise, Just take small steps everyday. I park a little farther from my work and walk about 2 miles a day, plus I take the stairs instead of the elevator. Every time I take a bathroom break I do squats. Little things like this adds up over time. Plus a good diet would help as well.

    Jenny Kim on

  • I need to get motivation like that, always! This year it was not a new year’s resolution, but I wanted to lose some weight. Till now I have lost some, but need to lose more and I know that exercising would bring me that, so I need motivation! :)

    Denise on

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