OMG, Bruce Lee Got Reincarnated Into This Little Boy September 17, 2015 10:20

Rusei Bruce Lee Kid

Nunchakus twirling in blazing fast speeds that are so quick all you see are yellow blurs. From the catlike screams to the fine details of his mannerisms, this 5 year-old child from Japan has got Bruce Lee down to a science.

As the 1978 cult classic, Game of Death, is playing in the background, Ryusei is reenacting the fight scene with perfect precision. He even fills in the moments that are not shown on screen so that the choreography runs seamlessly. The detail in the choreography would be difficult for an adult to accomplish, let alone a 5 year old child.

Apparently Ryusei's father has been uploading videos of his son since late last year, and it has garnered significant attention from all over the web. In fact the video was so popular that he was invited to perform at a Martial Arts Event called the Ganryujima in front of an audience of 4300 people. Ryusei was also featured on a local Korean television show.

If Ryusei continues on this track, he will most definitely be the next Bruce Lee Reincarnated. Watch the video and be Amazed.