A Restaurant for Lonely Singles

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Restaurant For Korean Singles

A finding by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 50.2% of Americans, over the age of 16, are single. With careers being the focus for many adults, it's not surprising that people prefer to be unhitched. This may also be the reason why apps such as Tinder has gained in popularity over the last few years. Hookups allow us to meet other people without the need for long term commitments, which has coined the term "Tinder Effect".

The large single population is not just an epidemic that effects us here in the states, it is happening all over the world in developed nations. So lets travel thousands of miles to the nation of South Korea, where a local television show sets up an interesting social experiment.

The premise is to lure in unattached young adults into a chinese restaurant with the promise of a delicious bowl of Jjajangmyeon (Black Soybean Noodle). It also helps that there is a giant sign on the front of the Restaurant that says "Restaurant for Singles".

As both men and women are lead to their little cubicle seats, a tablet attached to the frame asks if they want to share a meal with someone. For the ones who answered yes, a big reveal occurs, and hilarity ensues. Watch the video to find out what is happening exactly.



  • @julie, It would be a great way to meet new people.

    Jenny Kim on

  • I have no problems with going to a restaurant by myself…! But this is awesome!! Love it!!


    Julie on

  • It’s so funny!! Enjoyed watching it.


    sweetsimpleday on

  • @Monika This is extreme blind dating

    Jenny Kim on

  • Oh man their reactions are hilarious!


    Monika on

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