Poaching An Egg Has Never Been Easier

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Poached Egg Cut Open

Many dishes from various countries use poached egg as a key ingredient, but for those that do not have culinary expertise may find it difficult to make. To simply put it, a poached egg is basically an egg that has a solidified white part while the yolk is runny.

Historically poached eggs were made by cracking an egg into a bowl, then gently sliding it into a pot of boiling water. If the egg is older than a day then the egg white may start to disperse and voilà a destroyed poached egg.

Of course the proper way to go about making the perfect poached egg would be to practice day a night until you get it right. But because of advances in modern cooking technology, we can now skip the hours of practice and make the perfect poached egg in minutes with no experience necessary.

Saran Wrap

olive oil
water for boiling

1. Grab a mug and place it on the table


2. Place saran wrap over the cup

Saran Wrap On Cup

3. Apply olive oil at on the saran wrap and spread it around

Pour Olive Oil On Saran Wrap

4. Crack an egg on the saran wrap

Crack Egg On Saran Wrap

5. Create a little bag with the egg and twist off the top.

Egg Baggy

6. Place the egg in a pot of simmering water and leave it for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Poaching Egg

7. Cut the bag open and place your delicious poached egg on top of your favorite dish.

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  • @Jo I saw a friend make poached egg, and they were having a lot of trouble. So I thought it would be helpful to share this easy cooking hack.

    Jenny Kim on

  • Making the perfect poach eggs are really tough to make. I always drop the egg or it gets really messy. I think I’ll give your technique a go. Wish me luck and thanks for the share. :)


    Jo Nguyen on

  • @Denise I’ve always assumed poaching an egg was hard, but looks like there’s hacks to making it

    Jenny Kim on

  • Wow, this is really amazing! I liked that it’s practical, I will certainly try it, thaaaank you! Such a great tip!

    Denise on

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