Easy DIY Cookie Basket Project

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Beautiful Paper Plate Cookie Basket

The best way to build relationships could be as simple as bringing some freshly baked goodies to work or gatherings. There is a saying in business that says presentation is everything, so why not make a nice gesture into something that will really make a lasting impression.

If there are some leftover paper plates, ribbons and office supplies then you have everything you need to make these adorable paper plate holders, and it will only take a moment of your time.

Paper Plates
Scotch Tape


Paper Plate Basket Line

1. Take the paper plate and make a mark straight down the middle using a ruler to determine the half way point.

Paper Plate Basket Draw Parallel Lines

2. Then draw two parallel lines on either sides of the middle line about 1 inch apart from each other.

Paper Plate Basket Cut Scissor

3. Cut along the parallel lines up until the circular portion of the paper plate.

Paper Plate Basket Erase

5. Use an eraser to erase the pencil lines.

Paper Plate Basket Fold

6. Fold the cut sides over, but make sure you do not fold into the inner circle of the plate.

Paper Plate Basket Fold Again

7. Make a final fold on the perpendicular side from your previous folds made. Crease the fold where you made the parallel lines.

Paper Plate Basket Tape

8. Tape the triangular flaps, and make sure the triangles are on the outside with the middle flap on the inside.

9. Final step is to tie a shiny new ribbon around your paper plate cookie basket.

You can watch the full video tutorial at Hannah Valle Youtube Page




  • @Julie Yeah it is easy

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  • This is brilliant!! And looks so easy…! Awesome!

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