Pikachu Backpacks Are Here And They Are So Cute

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Long Live Pikachu Backpack

It can be quite amazing to think that Pikachu is almost 20 years old. Designed by Ken Sugimori from Game Freaks in 1996, Pikachu was not intended to be the official mascot of Pokémon. But due to his popularity to both boys and girls, he quickly became the most adored character from the whole franchise.

So introducing the Pikachu Backpack which is really just a plush toy that has a cellphone pouch and straps. Although we feel this would look so cute on a little child, the cell phone pouch might indicate the target market is actually for tweens. This really doesn’t surprise us, because just a few days ago we saw a grown women wearing a plush cow backpack at Ikea. So if a grown women can wear toys on their back, why not a tween or teenager?

As parents who grew up watching Pikachu going on adventures with Ash, Brock and Misty, it’s really surprising to see the new generation be fans of what were fans of. We even started watching all the old shows on Netflix, and it really takes us back to the good times. So enjoy our little Pikachu Backpack photo shoot, you can purchase this on our website for yourself or a gift for the Pokémon fan in your life.

Pikachu Backpack

Pikachu Backpack Sideview

Hugging Pikachu Backpack

Pikachu Backpack Front View

Pikachu Backpack Back View

Pikachu Backpack Closeup

Pikachu Backpack Top

Pikachu Backpack Pouch

Some interesting facts about Pikachu is that his name is derived from the sound an electric sparks makes, 'pika', and the sound a mouse makes, 'chu'. In Japan his popularity is equivalent to Mickey Mouse in America. Finally he is imprinted on the back of the Niue coin, which is a sovereign state in New Zealand.

Now enjoy the original intro.


  • @Denise Thank Denise, yes my son loves Pikachu.

    Jenny Kim on

  • So beautiful pictures! Wow, Pikachu is back! And in fashion! Actually, I can understand adults wearing the backpack, because it is fun, colorful, so why not! I think that PIkachu brings many memories to us all!

    Denise on

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