Totoro Plush and Wrislet That Is A Must Have For Any Die-Hard Fans

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Totoro Merchandise

My Neighbor Totoro is the legendary Japanese Animation written and created by Hayao Miyazaki. This is a story of two little sisters who moved to a traditional Japanese home in the countryside, encountering magical forest creatures such as Totoro.

The movie was released in 1988 alongside Grave of the Fireflies as a double feature. Initially My Neighbor Totoro didn't do so well in the box office, but 2 years later it was successful in merchandise sales. In fact today the movie is regarded as one of the 100 greatest films of all time, and Totoro has become the official mascot of Studio Ghibli, which is Hayao Miyazaki's animation studio.

So it's quite surprising that nearly 30 years after it's initial release, Totoro merchandise is still as popular as ever. A favorite of ours is the Totoro Plush and matching wristlet that is oh so Kawaii (Japanese for Cute). The great thing about the plush is that it's soft to the touch, so sleeping with it would add that extra bit of comfort. This must also be a new thing with these plushes, because Totoro is carrying what looks to be a cute little lunch bag. I'll need to re-watch the movie, but I don't remember a scene where Totoro was carrying lunch.

Moving on to the the Totoro Wristlet, the first thing we noticed is that it's very soft to the touch. It feels similar to rabbit fur which is great because it's designed to be comfortable around the wrist. Nothing is worse than having irritated skin from really bad material rubbing against the skin all day. Overall it's really just a cute pouch to put very minimal amounts of things into such as credit cards or cash. You could also just put it into a purse and have it be a wallet. I'm actually interested to see peoples reactions when I pop out Totoro from my purse.

Totoro Plush 9"

Totoro Wristlet

Totoro Wristlet Details


  • I never heard of Totoro believe it or not but he sure is cute! The wristlet is adorable too.

    Kari Ann on

  • @Denise I’m glad you like them.

    Jenny Kim on

  • Oh, I really loved it! I think that you are right, so kawaii! I would love to have such a wristlet, I found it so cute, so adorable!

    Denise on

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