Our Oh So Elegant Branch Necklace and Bracelet

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Branch Bracelet and Necklace

Humans are the only creatures on this planet that actively destroys the environment they live in, which is why there is a movement towards ideals that are ecologically friendly. When we find fashion items that represents our natural world we absolutely love them.

This past weekend we did a mini photoshoot at Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles for our Branch Bracelet and Branch Necklace. Not only are they timeless pieces but they just exude nature and being one with the Earth. When picking out a good dress to wear with them I just had to go with my Laced Anthropology Dress adding perfect harmony to the overall look.

Branch Necklace and Bracelet Modeled

The Branch Bracelet and Branch Necklace both have some imperfect pearls threaded into them, which for some reason gives it a lot of character. I’m not sure if it was the intention of the creator, but I feel that the pearls are sending the message that although we can’t all be perfect we are still beautiful in our own ways.

I probably wouldn’t wear these accessories on a day to day basis, but they are something I’d put on during a special outing with the family. And although they aren’t minimal, they do bring out an elegance, kind of like the cherry on top of an ice cream sunday.

The back story of these jewelry items is that they are both handmade with loving care, and I recently found out that the company that distributed them to us is no longer in business. So there you go, these are pieces that were made in limited quantities and probably won’t be reproduced ever, which is sad because they look so beautiful.

Well enjoy the photos from our shoot and some extras.

Japanese American National Museum Family Day

Fortunately it was Family Free Day so we got to entertain our son, and get some business done.

Japanese American National Museum

I was very impressed with the amount of activities provided for the children. I can't believe the level of effort that went into organizing this event and at no charge to the community.

Gardening Demonstration at JANM

This was my favorite part of the day because we have been trying for years to learn gardening. I think we got more out of the gardening demonstration than our son did.



  • @Denise I don’t garden either but I would imagine it’s rewarding to grow your own food.

    @Julie Thank You

    Jenny Kim on

  • The pictures look so nice, and good that there were many activities for children! I am not good at gardening, but I would like to be! I loooved the necklace and bracelet! You are right, not on a daily basis, but wearing them on a special occasion, they are really outstanding and very elegant!

    Denise on

  • That bracelet…! Swoon!!! Gorgeous…!

    Julie on

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