Owlify Your Morning Breakfast November 03, 2015 10:24 12 Comments

Owl Silicone Egg Mold

Owls have crept into the home decorating scene since the mid 2000’s and has even found it’s way onto Justin Bieber's forearm. Although our obsession with owls are waning I feel there is one area that has yet to be explored. Owl shaped eggs!

Trying out our Owl Silicone Egg Mold was a challenge, and involved a bit of human ingenuity. What we didn’t realize when we started was that our stovetop was on a slight slant, and the egg we poured into each eye was puddling to one side leaving us with half an owl.

The solution was to use a empty plastic bottle to separate the yolk from the whites, and with some practice we were able to accomplish this without breaking the yolk. Then we poured in the whites so that it would be cooked evenly in the mold, and added in the yolk afterwards.

When reviewing the instructions that came with the owl mold, it does suggest you crack the egg into the eyes. And if you had a normal stove that wasn’t on a slant, I’m sure the owl would come out perfect, but our kitchen that dates back to the 60’s was just not cooperating.

In the end, we enjoyed more eggs than we wanted for breakfast. I think between me and my husband, we consumed 8. I hope your experience was better than ours.