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Samurice Popsicle

When thinking about Samurai’s we only know them by their romanticized form made popular by manga’s from world war 2 to the present. Samurai’s followed the code of conduct called ‘Bushido’ and spent their whole lives mastering swordsmanship. This fostered national identity and became the glue that bonded many youths in Japan. Plus if you were to have any kind of identity, it couldn’t be cooler than the Samurai.

In reality, Samurai’s were just regular people that were no different than we are today, but that doesn’t sell copies and win the hearts and minds. Why else would we have these amazing Samurai Popsicle paraphernalia that would definitely win the hearts and minds of your children.

The Samurice Popsicle Mold is the final item from the three molds we have featured on our shop these last few months. Our family are big fans of Japanese culture, and we couldn’t resist it when we saw these babies.

Each box contains two molds, and since fruit bars are becoming such a big thing these days, we decided to experiment by making some mango lasse bars. The ingredients were frozen mangos from Trader Joe’s, milk, greek yogurt and honey. Placed them all in a blender and poured the results into the mold. It only took about 2 hours to chill everything and voila, we have Samurai Sword Mango Lasse Bars. 

Of course, since we have a tendency to mess up our recipes the bars ended up breaking as we tried to remove them from the mold. In the end we were left with broken popsicle swords, but it was oh so delicious nonetheless. I would probably suggest you get an actual fruit bar recipe to try out, or maybe just go with the traditional popsicle stick. But why am I going on about popsicles, it’s nearly winter time. I can't resist though, these are so awesome.


  • @Alecz @Denise @Danielle I’m glad you all loved them

    Jenny Kim on

  • I saw these somewhere and thought that they were just the cutest!! Love them! Happy Monday!


    Danielle on

  • I have to confess, what for a great idea, I looved it! I would love to have that samurai popsicle mold, it seems to be so fun!

    Denise on

  • Oh my goodness, these are so cute!!


    Alecz on

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