Calling All Gamers, You Can Now Feast At The New Capcom Café November 19, 2015 12:00 5 Comments

Capcom Cafe

Capcom, the company that brought us legendary games such as Street Fighter, Mega Man and Resident Evil is venturing into the food industry. A lake town in Koshigaya, Saitama is where this amazing little cafe will set-up shop which is simply named the Capcom Café. Some of the things visitors could expect would be capcom inspired dishes, exclusive merchandise and of course a demo machine to try out all their new games.

Capcom Cafe Concept

The interesting concept about this cafe is that themes will be rotated to work in conjunction with major game releases. It’s not hard to imagine the long lines of people waiting for their chance to grab a potion or entrée from their favorite games. Monster Hunter X will be the theme when they launch, and some of the meals featured would be the Nayan-Kokku Curry, Nayan-Kokku Pancakes with 4 selections of monster sauce and Kongari Niku which is a meat featured in the game.

Capcom was founded in the early 80’s and primarily manufactured arcade machines. They later ventured into console games with the release of nintendo. Their name is the merging of the words ‘capsule’ and ‘computers’ and has been a leader in the video game industry for many decades.

Capcom Cafe Menu

To find out more information about the Café please visit their website.