Swallows And Lace Necklace

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Swallow and Lace Bib Necklace

The symbolism of a swallow has meant many things throughout human history such as the love of a family, success, freedom and hope. In Greek mythology, the swallow would be responsible for carrying the soul of a dead child to the afterlife.

In contemporary times, sailors would tattoo swallows to represent the beginning and end of a long journey. Since these birds seldom venture too far from land, their sightings would mean that the shore was close by. So sailors would tattoo one swallow when they set sail, and another one when their tour of duty came to an end. And if the sailor happened to drown during the trip, the swallow would carry their souls to heaven just like in the Greek mythologies.

Although I would never get a swallow tattoo, wearing items with swallows on them is something I love. Swallows also carry a similar meaning for travelers as they do with sailors. Items such as our Swallow and Lace Bib Necklace becomes somewhat of a good luck charm for many people going on a long journey.

When I look for necklaces, I try to avoid the very thin chains as they seem too delicate for everyday use. I’ve worn the Swallow and Lace Necklace a few times, and it seems to be very sturdy. I’m also quite fond of  bibs on shirts and dresses, so it really caught my attention to find this item. Everything about it is lovely, and is one of my favorite statement pieces.

I also put a lot of value on to how products were produced. The fact that these necklaces were all hand crafted by an artisan jeweler means that I put my money to help support a small business and not some unethical corporation. Being a small business owner myself, this really is important to me.


  • this is so amazing….so unique and stylish…. such an informative post….. Would absolutely love to add this to my collection :) Good job

    Emily Warinda on

  • Wow!!!! The lace necklace looks so beautiful and I love the video, very informative.

    Meron Dymphana on

  • It’s a really pretty and unique necklace! Gemma xx

    Gemma on

  • I love the lacy pattern so pretty!

    Arya on

  • Lovely!


    Mira on

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