Psy Releases Two New Single's And It Made My Week

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Psy Daddy and Napal Baji

The Korean rapper, Psy, gained worldwide notoriety with his hit song Gangnam Style, which received over 2.46 billion views and was in the Guinness Books as the most watched video on Youtube. The song might have been the catalyst to set off the Korean Wave for the west, a term coined by a Chinese journalist referring to the spread of Korean popular culture worldwide.

Psy Daddy

It has now been several years since Gangnam Style and Psy has released his 7th album with two music videos. The one getting the most attention is “Daddy” featuring CL from 2ne1 fame. Psy’s face is literally plastered all over the video, starting off with him being born and quickly transitioning into a little boy who wins the hearts of all his female classmates. “Daddy’s” catch phrase says it all, “Where’d you get that body from? I got it from my daddy.” In the typical Psy fashion the video could only be described as bizarre, fun and addicting.

Psy Napal Baji

The second song is titled “Napal Baji” and is the korean word for bell bottoms. As you would expect, the 70’s inspired music video features a catchy dance that has one arm extended while the other is doing air punches. It’s a move made popular during the disco era and has been performed in dance clubs throughout Korea.

Even though the pressure was very high on the 7th album, Psy may have another viral hit. He was very careful in the arrangement of the songs so that it would appeal to a global audience. His efforts have paid off, as there is a lot of buzz around this release. Currently “Daddy” stands at over 22 million views in 3 days. Could this be a good sign?

Both songs are similar in style and energy, but I would have to give “Napal Baji” the edge musically. I found myself putting it on repeat the whole day which is quite rare for me. If you’re a fan of Gangnam style than “Daddy” and “Napal Baji” doesn’t disappoint, and you’ll see the same explosions, signature dance moves and toilet humor we’ve all grown to love.


  • You can’t deny that PSY is very entertaining! But I am not a fan of him, once in a while to watch – yes, but I wouldn’t watch it often as I am a bigger lover of real music, not these like very fun ones :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    Leta on

  • Lolz..very entertaining ?

    Himanshi on

  • The videos are so entertaining!!! I am already addicted to them. Cheers to many more albums.

    Meron Dymphana on

  • I totally forgot about him, love his wild ideas!

    Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl on

  • His videos are always so funny!

    Catarina on

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