Korea's Secret To Flawless Skin In 10 Wonderful Steps

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 Korean Skincare

It’s common knowledge that Asian women, on average, have really good complexion and that’s not just because of genetics. The beauty products they use and the daily regimen they follow is a large part of their flawless appearance. In Korea, there is anecdotal evidence that girls are trained at a very early age on their skincare routine. In fact, South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery in the world which means that beauty is deeply embedded into the culture. Caring for their appearance is considered the ultimate investment that is worth both time and money.

The famed ‘10-Step Korean Skincare Routine’ is the terminology being talked about around the world.  To sum up the steps it really comes down to cleansing, exfoliating, and applying a lot of moisturizer. The common philosophy for this is that it takes 30 minutes to apply makeup so it should take another 30 minutes to properly remove it.

So without further ado, let’s review these 10 steps accompanied by the recommended products to use that is budget conscious.

Step 1: The Double Cleanse

Cleansing Tissue and Oil Based Cleanser
Use a nutrient rich towelette to remove the makeup. Then wash your face with a oil based cleanser to extract sebum and bacteria from your skin.

Herb Day Cleansing Tissue - $5
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - $5.50


Step 2: Yet Another Cleanse

Water Based Cleanser
Use a water based cleanser to rinse away the rest of the oil.

Nivea Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Water - $5.60


Step 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin to strip away dead skin cells, but only target the areas with visible pores such as your T-Zone. This only needs to be applied twice a month.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask - $6.95


Step 4: Tone it Up

Do not get the Western Toners as they are chock full of harmful chemicals, instead get a Korean brand that will remove any residue while restoring the pH Balance.

Floria Nutra-Energy Toner - $16.79


Step 5: Essence

Controversially the most important step is to apply essence that will speed up cell renewal and nourish the skin. Although there are those that claim that it’s just an elaborate marketing ploy.

Missha Time Revolution Essence Mist - $35.00


Step 6: Ampoules

A skin booster that is supposed to be an anti-aging agent that helps to brighten the skin. As with exfoliation, this only needs to be applied once a week at the most.

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule - $44.00


Step 7: Mask

Sheet Mask
Twice a week put on those sheet masks that will force your skin to absorb all those beautiful nutrients such as Vitamin E and Collagen. It’s a great way to add moisture back into your skin.

Real Nature Avocado Mask - $2.00


Step 8: Eye Cream

Eye Cream
Tap on some eye cream to prevent wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles

Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream - $22.99


Step 9: Moisturize

Although the Mask is supposed to add moisture back into your skin, that is only twice a week. You need to apply a daily moisturizer to keep your skin feeling fresh.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer - $13.39


Step 10: Night Cream

Night Cream
The icing on the cake is the night cream which should be hydrating your skin throughout the night.

Skinceutical Renew Overnight - $40.00



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