8 Amazing Thrift Store Re-Paintings

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Paintings have been a way for humanity to express themselves creatively for thousands of years. There is so much love for these artwork that many of them have become priceless, and can be worth millions of dollars. But not every stroke of the brush results in a masterpiece, and more often than not these forgotten gems find their way into the dark depths of the local Thrift stores.

Well as early as 2010 artists have been discovering the thrift store paintings and ‘repurposing’ them with pop culture references. A few of the notable names are David Irvine who sells a lot of his work online, Jason Jones who has been doing thrift store art since 2011 and Dave Pollot who started out as a software engineer turned full time ‘Re-Painting’ artist.

The appeal of this type of painting is not just the reference to nostalgic characters, but the skill in matching the original art. Plus there is no eraser that can undo mistakes, so it’s essential to get the integration done correctly the first time. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite thrift store are for all to enjoy!

 Zoidberg and Professor Farnsworth Feeding Owls in Park

Mars Attack Thrift Store Repainting

Skeletor Lair Thrift Store Repainting

Professor Farnsworth Thrift Store Repainting

Minecraft Thrift Store Repainting

Batman and Robin Thrift Store Repainting

Star Wars Walker Thrift Store Repaintings

King Ghidora Thrift Store Repainting

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  • Gives them a new life and that’s wonderful. Pop culture can be great at times, just sharing with the rest of the collective consciousness.


    Michelle on

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