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50 Shades of Pop

‘50 Shades of Pop’ is the new mashup in a series titled ‘United States of Pop’ that was produced by DJ Earworm. This is an annual project that gets released every December, and it compiles the years top pop songs into one breathtaking track.

Raised in Iowa, Jordan Roseman was surrounded by a musically talented family. He attended the University of Illinois where he studied music theory and computer science. It was around this time where he began to have an interest in mixing music.

In 2003, assisted by his ACID Pro software, Jordan released his first mashup. While most DJ’s in those times were stringing samples into a long chain, then discarding them, Jordan gradually layered his samples.

DJ Earworm

As Jordan’s popularity grew, he moved his aspirations to San Francisco, and coined himself the moniker of DJ Earworm. Earworm is defined as a song that runs through a person’s mind uncontrollably.

‘50 Shades of Pop’ can only be described as a monster mega mix that has two separate acts. The first act is heavily dominated by ‘Can’t feel My Face’ and transition into a laid back smorgasborg of samples. Artists such as Drake, Adele, Adam Levine and Taylor Swift are instantly discernable.

If you want to see more of DJ Earworm’s work go to his website at djearworm.com or see the full list of songs from ‘50 Shades of Pop’.