Why Watching This Longboard Dance Is So Mesmerizing December 08, 2015 09:59 7 Comments

Korean Longboard Dancer

In South Korea a skateboarder is showing us just how to dance on a longboard. The balance required to ride a skateboard can be quite challenging on it’s own. So imagine performing dance moves while gliding at a pretty good clip.

Hyo Joo Ko

Hyo Joo Ko is the girl in the video, and she works as a full time User Interface designer who happens to have an incredible talent. What’s so amazing about what she did is that she appears to be moving independently from the skateboard, while making everything look so effortless. Her longboard dance has also gained a bit of attention online since uploaded, and it can only be described as mesmerizing.

I’m sure she will inspire a whole new generation of dancing skaters, and we will be in store for some amazing moves. You can find more videos and photos from Hyo on her instagram account @hyo_joo.