Making Sushi Look Like Koi Fish, How Absolutely Appropriate May 24, 2016 11:48 3 Comments

Koi Fish Sushi

Sculpting food is an activity that most people tend to appreciate, and surprisingly it’s not extremely difficult. A recent video tutorial that we came upon goes through the steps of transforming sushi into very realistic Koi Fishes. The video originated from a Youtube channel titled Jun’s Kitchen, Jun is the man in the video.

Rice Cooker
Sauce Pan
Butcher Board
Strip of wax paper
Paring Knife
Chef’s Knife
Nikiri Knife
Mixing Bowl

Cherry Radish
Spicy Cod Roe
Vinegar 15g
Salt 5g
Brown Sugar 10g
Calrose Rice


1. Cook Rice
Cook Sushi

2. Boil Water
Putting Water On The Stove To Boil

3. Remove the head and devein the shrimp
Deveining Shrimp

4. Insert Toothpick into the back of the shrimp
Insert Toothpick Into Shrimp

5. Boil the shrimp in the sauce pan for a minute
Boiling Shrimp

6. Use a chef’s knife to slice the shrimp at its midpoint so it can be laid flat
Slicing Shrimp

7. Cut out a star like pattern in the radish and small slits cut around the side using a paring knife
Cutting Star Patterns In Raddishes

8. Slice thin strips from the squid using a Nikiri knife
Slicing Squid

9. Crisscross cut the surface of the squid to give a scale texture
Add Scale Texture to Squid

10. Use Chef’s Knife to cut the cucumber ⅔ of the way through vertically and one slice horizontally, then slice it into three parts.
Cutting Cucumber

11. Slice cucumber fins for the fish
Slice Cucumber Fins

12. Cut the cod roe and scoop out the eggs with a spoon
Scoop Out Cod Roe

13. Make the sushi vinegar by adding vinegar, salt and brown sugar into a mixing bowl
Make Sushi Vinegar

14. Heat the mixture in a frying pan until the sugar melts, then add it back into the mixing bowl
Heat Sushi Vinegar

15. Mix the sauce into the rice
Mix Sushi Vinegar Into Rice

16. Shape the rice then add cod roe and slices of seaweed on top of the rice
Forming Koi Fish Sushi

17. Use the slices of squid to shape the fin, body. Use the seaweed to form the eyes
Shape The Koi Sushi With Squid

18. Repeat the steps with the shrimp, then garnish your creation with the radish and cucumbers.
Koi Fish Sushi

Jun and his American wife Rachel, are a video blogging couple who are based in Japan. Jun’s kitchen is their cooking show which frequently features their lovable orange house cat. For more great recipes, please check out his Youtube channel and you can also go to their blog.