A Reminder That Kids Are Born To Hate Santa December 16, 2015 12:24 6 Comments

Baby Freaked Out By Santa

Now that we’re in the depths of the holiday season, it’s a tradition in many families to head over to the local shopping center and get a photo op with Santa Claus. This should be an exciting time for children where they get to ask Santa for whatever they want. Unfortunately for many kids, visiting Santa is a terrifying and nightmarish experience and for good reasons.

It could be the strange outfit or the fact that Santa is an all knowing being that will crush little children who haven’t been good all year. But the most likely cause is that Santa Claus is nothing but a stranger whom they are forced to sit on. Remember that children are new to this world, and have no historical context of who this big fat red guy is.

Now the good news is that stranger danger, the official term, is a healthy reaction and it just signifies that the child has bonded with their families. A fear of strange people can happen as early as 6 months, so don’t be alarmed if you observe this behaviour. The upside is that most kids fear of Santa dissipates by the time they are 7 years old.

So to get us all into the holiday spirit, we’ve compiled our favorite Santa crying moments for you all to enjoy. Happy Holidays

Little Boy Crying On Santa's Lap

Kids Scared By Santa

Scared Children Of Santa

More Scared Kids of Santa

Even More Scared Kids of Santa

Very Frightened Children Of Santa