Bunnies In A Cup ... So Cute It Hurts December 23, 2015 09:17 5 Comments

Bunnies In A Cup

‘Cute Aggression’ is a real thing, and it’s basically a person’s response to firmly squeeze anything that appears to have ‘cute’. Well it turns out that the dopamine released from our brains is responsible for both aggression and joy. It’s not totally understood what makes something cute and why it brings us so much happiness, but the reactions are usually the same.

So It’s already expected that anyone reading this article is experiencing an influx of dopamine and is having uncontrolled aggressive behavior. So find a pillow and get prepared to squeeze the living daylights out of it, because we’re presenting the sleeping bunnies in a cup.

The owner of these bunnies goes by the name of Louis C. X. which doesn’t appear to be a real name. He may just be a fan of Louis CK, but regardless, he has the most adorable bunnies we’ve ever seen. Based on his profile, he claims to be documenting his life journey through the eyes of his bunnies. Apparently he is an expert in raising these little creatures to have total trust in him. It’s not a natural response for bunnies to fall asleep in small cups, so it’s quite impressive.

On his social media accounts he features four other bunnies named Marshal, Quin, Boar and Rex. The white ones must be his newest additions, and it literally making me aggressive because I can't grab one.

Check out his social media account on Instagram and Facebook, but please try not to explode.