Why This Spray Can Is The Best Kept Secret For Amazing Photos

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Atmosphere Aerosol Outdoor

If you are a photographer who’s looking for some great effects in your photos, you might just want to try the Atmosphere Aerosol Spray. This nifty little product will add artificial fog so you can get some amazing shots wherever you are. Dramatic photos are just a spray away, plus it will last up to an hour after application!

The Atmosphere Aerosol Spray will give you the perfect amount of haze for any type of photo shoot for both indoor and outdoor situations. All you need to do is shake and spray the vicinity for over 20 seconds and it's done. A handy tip is to take your photos wherever there is a strong backlit scene.

Atmosphere Aerosol Indoor

Joe and Kathleen are former wedding photographers who are the founders of Atmosphere Aerosol. They understood that adding haze to a photo would enhance the lighting tremendously, but the equipment to create it was cumbersome. So in 2008 they created the Atmosphere Aerosol Spray which gave them the flexibility to bring haze to their jobs without all the hassles. And because it’s non-toxic and non-staining, you can create that magical dreamscape without poisoning yourself and your clients.

Photographers tend to carry around a wide array of tools, and this aerosol spray would be a great addition. Getting the perfect atmosphere was usually a situation of being in the right place at the right time but not anymore. So whether you’re an amateur or a professional, definitely try this product out.

Atmosphere Aerosol Wedding

Watch the following video for a live demo, and you can also find out more information on the company's website.


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