Hello Kitty Is The Best Thing To Happen To School Cafeteria's

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Hello Kitty Cafeteria

For some, school cafeterias equates to a good hot meal, but for many it’s usually just a mundane dining experience. The type of food served at school cafeteria’s can leave much to be desired. Well for those lucky enough to study in China at one particular university, their cafeteria is something out of a little girl’s fantasy. The first Hello Kitty Cafeteria has opened up, and it’s really quite the spectacle.

Hello Kitty Cafeteria Entrance

In Zhejiang Gongshang University, the Hello Kitty Cafeteria is a large dining hall that can fit up to 800 students. It features bright colors, plush dolls and an international menu that only Hello Kitty could dream up. The standard issue uniforms for the staff are Hello Kitty aprons and little ear headbands. There are even gaming booths set up for students to kill time between their classes.

Although this may sound unusual to people in Western cultures, it’s actually quite normal for China. China has an insatiable obsession for Hello Kitty, and the cafeteria is just one of a slew of themed locations all over the country. Just earlier in the year Hello Kitty had a grand opening for a theme park. There are also countless restaurants and even a maternity ward for nursing mothers.

Hello Kitty Cafeteria Table

Created in 1974, Hello Kitty is a Japanese cartoon cat that has a head twice the size of her body, and wears her signature red bow. She became a global phenomenon that has touched the lives of people all over the world. Even for those unfamiliar with Hello Kitty, they’ve probably seen her at one point on lunch boxes, clothing, shoes and more. The demographic for Hello Kitty used to be young girls, but as those girls transformed into adults it’s now Hello Kitty for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Hello Kitty Cafeteria Games

For anyone making a trip to China, and are in the neighborhood, then it might be worth it to take a peek at the Hello Kitty Cafeteria.

Hello Kitty Cafeteria Staff



  • Wow, that is really cool. I think it would be cool if they could do something like that for the younger schools here. My worst cafeteria was elementary and all that was in there was a red light, if they turned it on you had to shut up or get detention. ): lol

    Ongaku on

  • This is really cool! This seems like a whole experience, what an awesome idea!


    Katie on

  • That’s pretty cool. I have never seen a themed cafeteria before. http://sempaiste.com

    Barbrah on

  • Wow, that looks so cool! Wish my school was like this!

    - Amy (www.mamyology.com)

    Amy on

  • This seems very interesting. I never knew that China of all places would have a Hello Kitty cafeteria for college students. I really like the concept of just going somewhere and mingle with other college students. My community college does not have that. We have a very small cafeteria or ‘cafe’ that people go to to get hot food, and to hang out before their next class. Otherwise, the students usually go to the library to relax and study before their next class if they don’t feel like mingling with others. I am in the middle of an extrovert and introvert. I like our library, but some times it can get pretty annoying. There are students that will talk at the top of their lungs, sing, and anything else you can think of. Isn’t that kind of thing for the cafeteria? But anyways, I really like this concept and if I am ever visiting China and in that particular area, I would love to see the Hello Kitty Cafeteria. That is something unique. I used to like Hello Kitty, still kind of do, but not so much any more. Still would be fascinating to see.


    Jamie on

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