Have a Roaring Good Time With The T-Rex Chopsticks

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T-Rex Chopsticks

Most Americans have probably consumed sushi or ramen at one point in their lives, but how many of them know how to properly hold chopsticks? According to statista.com, 67% of Americans struggle with chopsticks. An easy solution would be to stick a fork in it, but then the full experience of eating asian cuisines become lost.

Foreigners would often be forgiven for their lack of chopstick proficiency, but surprisingly only 30% of Japanese correctly utilizes chopsticks. So looking at the chart below, could you identify the right way to hold them?

Chopstick Chart

If you chose number 6, then you are absolutely correct. Here is a demonstration of good chopstick etiquette, so be sure to practice when dining out for ramen.

Chopstick Demonstration

Now that you've completed our chopstick 101 course, it’s time to train our young children with our T-Rex Chopsticks. When introducing this to my son, he had more fun playing with it like a toy than actually using it as a utensil. As with most training chopsticks, the base is spring loaded, but the cool thing is that this one opens up the T-Rex mouth when squeezed.

I showed these to my colleagues and one of them jokingly asked me if this would help her with her terrible chopstick abilities. That’s when I realized that the mouth could act as secondary way to grab food. Whichever way anybody decides to use these, it’s definitely a fun item to have at the family dinner table. Whatever gets my son to sit down and eat is always a bonus.


  • That is so cute!
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    Euge on

  • That’s too cute!~ I don’t know how to use chopsticks, but I rarely use them. Did you know it took centuries for Europe to adopt the silverware we use now in the Western world? Yeah, that’s pretty interesting.

    Michelle on

  • The T-Rex chopsticks look super adorable! Especially when it’s used with kids who are not used to using chopsticks yet. I’m not good with chopsticks myself but I’m good enough to be able to grab most of the food XD.


    Nancy on

  • haha this is sooo cute! I’d be entertained with this all day!


    yuka on

  • Lol thanks so much for this post, it’s priceless! I love image #3 the most… the pinky holding up!
    But on a not joking style, I agree that there are a higher percentage of americans have a harder time to use chopsticks, but I think it’s only if they’ve been exposed to different cultures at earlier ages.
    Very interesting post! :D

    Tess - onlytess.com on

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