A Dash Of Matcha In Your Yogurt For A Hearty Breakfast January 21, 2016 11:01 5 Comments

Matcha Breakfast Yogurt

The matcha powder has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, but it seems to have gained worldwide popularity within the last few years. Because of this we have seen the manifestation of countless matcha flavored recipes from cupcakes to cookies.

The recipe we’ll be featuring is the matcha yogurt breakfast bowl, which is quick to prepare and packed with fiber and protein.


mixing bowl
3 prep bowls


¾ cup of greek yogurt
1 tsp of matcha
1 tablespoon of maple syrup
sliced strawberries
sliced bananas
coconut flakes
spoonful of chai seeds


Greek Yogurt
Pour ¾ cup of greek yogurt into the mixing bowl

Matcha Powder
Add 1 tsp of matcha powder

Mix Maple Syrup Into Yogurt
Add 1 tbsp of maple syrup then mix mix everything thoroughly until it’s a uniform green color.

Add Banana and Strawberries To Yogurt
Add the yogurt into a bowl, then slice strawberries and bananas and add it on top

Add Almonds, Coconut and Chai Seed To Yogurt
Sprinkle sliced almonds, coconut flakes and a spoonful of chai seeds then enjoy!

Made from the same leaves as green tea, matcha is packed with 3 times more nutrients than it’s predecessor. This means that it can improve heart health, fight off cancer and keep you looking young.

The process to create the powder involves covering up the leaves for 20 days prior to picking them. Only the finest leaves are then picked, dried, deveined and ground into a fine powder. It takes about 1 hour to grind just 30 grams of matcha.

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