Get The Party Started With Some Turntable Plates January 23, 2016 11:28 5 Comments

Dinner DJ Dining Set

Picky eating is quite common amongst young children, and it’s usually nothing to worry about. But it can be concerning if the their eating habits starts to affect their growth and overall health.

According to there are good explanations for why kids are picky. It’s important to understand that bitter foods can be a sign of toxicity. So avoiding foods that taste bitter is an evolutionary adaptation to protect us from ingesting something that could be potentially dangerous. As we grow older we learn to appreciate bitter flavors, but children do not have the life experience to differentiate what is good and bad.

Genetics also plays a large role in a child eating habits, which is why some kids seem to have no trouble eating while others just won’t try anything. Unfortunately for us, our son is one of those picky eaters, and I fight tooth and nail to get him to try new things. Although he’s picky he does have an unbelievable imagination. So when I saw this Dinner DJ Dining Set, it seemed like just what I needed to make mealtime a fun experience for him.

The kitschy design of this plate really feels like a DJ’s turntable with twistable knobs and a utensil that acts like the record needle. When opening the box there were only three parts to it; the tray, record plate and a spork. The manufacturer notes that everything is food grade safe, which is very important to me. The last thing I want is to give my son poisoning because he was eating off something that was made by some unethical manufacturer from China.

My first impression was that the plates were plastic, but they are actually made from a material called melamine. When holding the the dj plates it feels incredibly sturdy, almost like it was a mix between metal and plastic. It’s really hard to explain but I was definitely impressed by the construction. I didn’t try it but it seems like this was made with the notion that children are prone to drop their platters frequently.

The good news is that my son loves these plates, and although he is still a picky eater, this helps reinforce that dinner time is a fun time with family. Watch the short clip of us unboxing the Dinner DJ Dining Set, it’s a great little item.