Landscapes of Vietnam Captures The Imagination January 30, 2016 16:05 5 Comments

Vietnam Mountain Horizon

The native landscape of Vietnam is filled with gorgeous scenery, an enriched cultural history and friendly locals. A country about the size of California, visiting Vietnam can bring about experiences that will stay for a lifetime. As a photographer, Rèhahn understands this country's allure and has been taking photos to document all of it’s natural beauty.

Born in France, Rèhahn has always loved to travel the world meeting new people, and sharing his stories through the eyes of a lens. In 2007, a mission trip to Vietnam made a lasting impact on him and inspired a move from France. Since then, he’s filled up his days with photography, uncovering the many layers of the country. To date, Rèhahn has taken over 50,000 photos of people, daily life and landscapes.

Vietnam River

His photo series titled 'Landscapes of Vietnam' captures all the pure colors and sometimes untouched nature, which are undeniably moving. There are images that most outsiders would never get a chance to witness for themselves. As a lover of nature and travel, seeing the vast array of colors is quite overwhelming and a complete treat to see.

It’s common for a lot of people to not consider places outside their own lives, at least on a day to day basis. Viewing Rèhahn’s work becomes a small window into the possibilities of traveling to exotic destinations. He also has portrait and lifestyle series that are all equally stunning in their own right.

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Vietnam Sunset

Man on River in Vietnam

Vietnam Country Side

Man Riding Bike In Vietname

Vietnam Rice Field