Hinged NES Console, I Want One! February 22, 2016 11:27 10 Comments


Hinged NES Case

Being the first generation to go from analog to digital, the millennials are said to suffer from early on-set nostalgia. There’s such a craving for the yester years that businesses have coined this ‘Nostalgia Marketing’. Just browsing through some social media channels, you will notice that there is a vast array of results for hashtags such as ‘Throwback Thursday’ (#TBT) or ‘Flashback Friday’ (#FBF). It’s no wonder why hacks to old game systems seems to catch our fancy and wonder.


A hacker that goes by the handle ‘Maenggu’ has modified an NES console to flip open and reveal a functioning LCD Screen. The video, which was uploaded to Vimeo, shows him demonstrating the device by first inserting an NES game cartridge and turning on the power supply. He then flips it open, and the gameplay displays vividly on the built in screen with full audio support.

In a comment thread ‘Maenggu’ explains that he used a 10.4” LCD screen that would be compatible with composite video inputs. The cart connection uses a Game Genie and he adds a small audio amp for sound. All other hardware on his device is stock which seems quite simple in retrospect. Apparently what Maenggu has created is a NES gaming laptop. Maenggu goes on by expressing he will be making further improvements to his design by incorporating some bezels to the screen layout.

For those not familiar with hacking game consoles, the hinged NES is just the latest of a slew of other projects out there. One notable mention is from Beave2012 for the ‘All In One Retro Gaming Console’ with step by step instructions on how to reproduce your own.

So apprently the ‘Nostalgia Marketing’ is very real, and companies should be capitalizing on recreating some of these hacks for the masses. Nintendo, we’re looking at you, please make something like this so I can have one myself.