These Two Lovers Are So Close Yet So Far February 08, 2016 16:16 10 Comments

Long Distance City

Being in a long distance relationship is often times very difficult for many reasons, one of which is a lack of each other's physical presence. There was a time where the only form of contact were from letters and phone calls, but in the internet age being away from the one you love can be bearable.

When a friend of mine was much younger, she had experienced a long distance relationship herself. He was a person she had known before but had only started becoming interested after he’d move 5000 miles away. If it wasn’t for Skype they wouldn’t have stayed in touch with each other.

For the next 3 years they would spend 3 months apart and 3 months together when she’d go to visit. It was a challenge, but the love they had for each other was stronger than the miles between them. Then one day they decided to take the leap, and she moved to his native country where they are now happily married.

Dan-Bi and Seok Li

This brings us to Dan-Bi Shin and her Boyfriend Seok Lik who have their own interesting ways to connect. With one living in New York and the other in Seoul it wasn’t video chatting or phone calls but photography that kept them together. Both being artists by nature, it only made sense for them to start a creative project by splicing their daily lives into one image. What’s fascinating is that the angles of the photos they took are almost exact. For example the seven eleven logos they shot from two different locations lines up pretty close. They all seem to be cell phone shots as well, so it must have made coordinating and adjusting much easier that way.

However anyone decides what works the best for their own long distance relationship is never a bad decision. It just so happens that Dan-Bi and Seok’s methods are just too awesome to not share to the world. Hoping the best for them, and more awesome projects.

Long Distance Ice Cream

Long Distance Coke

Long Distance 7-Eleven

Long Distance Meal

Long Distance Face

Long Distance Bowl

Long Distance Sign

Long Distance Cereal

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