I Watched This Commercial And I Was Left In Ninja Tears February 24, 2016 19:14 16 Comments

Daddy Is A Liar Commerical

Advertising of the past was straight to the point, and never pretended to be anything more than informational. Today’s ads aims to hit us where it really hurts by playing around with our emotions. This is truer than ever when it comes to the many, what I call, sad/inspirational commercials coming out of Asia as of late. One notable ad is called “My Dad is a Liar” by the Asian MetLife branch. It tells a gut wrenching story through the the eyes of a little girl that is guaranteed to leave you in tears.

This is a spoiler alert, but the video starts off with the daughter narrating her letter to daddy through her voice over. There is a fun montage of daddy and daughter enjoying their morning walk to school, but then halfway through the video it takes an extremely somber tune. ‘He Lies’ are the next words spoken by the daughter as she continues the letter. Watching the next final minutes of the commercial is surprisingly tissue paper worthy, and is definitely a life reflecting moment.

After watching the ad many times, I’ve been able to take away the message of all the sacrifice and hardships a parent must endure to give a good life for their child. As a parent myself, this message hits very close to home, and when I imagine my son’s face, I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t do for him. In fact, as a parent I have so much respect for what my parents did for me while growing up. It’s just too bad that it took 30 years for me to finally understand that they were really amazing, but you can be sure I’m making up for my younger years.

Daddy Is A Liar Commercial Silly Face

Growing up with a disabled parent, and another who earned very little income, there weren’t a lot available to us. Even though there wasn’t a lot financially, I never grew up feeling deprived of anything. My parents sacrificed all their resources to make sure we didn’t have to feel the burdens of life.

No child should ever have to worry about where their next meal would come from, and no parent should expose those worries. And if the child grows up never understanding the struggles, then that's a sign that they’ve done their job. So although the commercial was just a sneaky ploy for us to purchase life insurance, it speaks truths that is larger than life.