About Pixics

Pixics is a family owned business founded by the dynamic duo, Jenny and John Kim in Summer of 2011. What inspired us to create an e-commerce store was very simple. We wanted to earn more income, but what good is it to earn more without doing what you love. So out of the ashes Pixics was born. A name that has no meaning, but is easy to remember and inspired by all things retro.

So if you haven't guessed by now, Pixics is really just a two person operation with a third one in the making (Dylan). From shipping orders to dealing with customer service inquiries you can bet that you'll be getting the personal touch right from the owners. So when we say that we value your business, we actually mean it. With that being said, enjoy browsing through our site, and if you see something you like then feel free to make a purchase. You can rest easy knowing you're helping put our child through college.

From John, Jen and Dylan we thank you