Charmed Camera Necklace

$ 19.00

When photography was difficult and cumbersome, it was an art form for true photographers who have dedicated their whole lives perfecting their workflow. They've clocked in countless hours in the darkroom, and the evidence is in their pale anemic skin that only a bronzer would fix. Digital cameras have changed the whole paradigm by making photography easy and accessible to people who don't know their f-stop from the doorstop. But for those of us who are truly photographers, the holy grail will always be film, and they wear it like a badge of honor. And for us girls who are all jazzed up about photography, it just makes sense to wear our hearts on our sleeve and show the world who we really are. The Charmed Camera Necklace by Geranium is a cute piece that can be used to accent a dress, t-shirt, or whatever you feel like wearing that day. It features a camera charm, glass and metal drops, and has a lobster clasp closure.
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