Charmed Postcard Necklace

$ 19.00

Anyone born after 1990 won't be able to comprehend this, but before e-mail there was something called a postcard. A postcard was used to show your friends and family at home what a great time you're having while their working their butt off trying to survive. It's a old school way of being a one-upper. But of course it could also be to show someone you love that you're just simply thinking about them. Also nothing could be more vintage and retro than a postcard, which is why the Postcard Charm Necklace by Geranium is a good reminder of the hey days of the past. And if you love mod apparel, then this necklace would be a great accent piece. The Postcard Charm Necklace features a postcard charm in a beautiful bronze hue, with pink and pearl drops, and lobster clasp closure.
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