Frenchy and Cheesy PVC Key Cover

$ 7.00

There's nothing more you could really say about America except for the fact that we have a rich history with junk food. America has even taken food that originated from another country and made it more delicious and also more likely to clog up our arteries. The popularization of the lap band procedure has finally given us the excuse to eat whatever we want, and still look moderately decent while we're doing it. It's no wonder why David and Goliath produced a Key Cover that honors those who are on the front line of cardiovascular disease. The Frenchy and Cheesy PVC Key Cover is everything we love in our value menu, and it must be the top foods consumed at McDonalds. The PVC Key Cover is a flexible cover that fits a standard key size, and comes in a set of 1 Frenchy and 1 Cheesy cover.
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